Born in Des Moines, Iowa, Judy J. Long graduated from Grand View University in 2014 with a double bachelor’s degree in Art and Graphic Design. She is currently pursuing an MFA at Iowa State University. Judy has exhibited in local venues such as: Artfest Midwest, Art Stop | Valley Junction, and Candeo’s Art of Independence Non-Profit Gala. Gallery Exhibitions include: The Sanford Museum in Cherokee, IA, The Octagon Gallery and Design on Main Gallery in Ames, IA.

Artist Statement

The emphasis of work by Judy J. Long revolves around anxiety, grief, and the psychological response to traumatic stimuli. Many of the pieces derive from experiences and responses within the artist’s occupation as a Recovery Technician at an Eye Bank. The situations endured, resulted in revelations of the immutable truth—death—and the unfettered realities associated with it. Those that deal with trauma and loss on a regular basis must compartmentalize their experience without adequately contending with the feelings associated from such events. This depersonalization can effect interpersonal relations and empathy. Acting as a coping mechanism for many people, they endure suffering and are forced to move on without effectively ameliorating said trauma. Anxiety is the result of continuous exposure to such trauma, the verifiable fear of the next case, event or tragedy. Anxiety is thus, the source of motivation for creating this body of work, as a means to honor the grief, despite the expectation to deny it. We all have experienced tragedy, derive different perceptions and corresponding coping processes, it is through the process of grief—however—that one truly assuages the agony of loss.